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bearsinmymacbook: The Dunnock- an understated little cutie-pie. They’re like little hoovers scooping up all the seeds that fall off our bird table.

More bird photos on my photography blog

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im going to find a way to delete every picture of me that has ever existed except for this one and then im going to fake my own death in a really shocking way so that it makes national news and then media outlets will have no pictures of me besides this one to use causing this picture to be on televisions and newspapers across the nation

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I got my little teacup and birdy tattoo from Axa at Axa’s Tattoo Parlour in Manchester, UK and I couldn’t be happier with her work. I got this little guy to commemorate my time studying abroad here, so when the time comes that I have to leave, I can still carry a little piece of England with me wherever I go. 

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that caption, wut


himp hop

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I didn’t know horses could be naked?


What’s your favorite Lana Del Rey song?

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A taste of Mondrian at SFMOMA:  Photo by Adeo Alday

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For the bluebird in my heart that wants to get out. Charles Bukowski is one of my favourite authors and poets, and this particular poem speaks volumes to me. Done by Bramwell Adey at Rebel Waltz Tattoo in Winnipeg, MB. He did an amazing job, and I definitely look forward to collaborating with him again. 

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